The Cost Of An E-cigarette In The Market!

The Cost Of An E-Cigarette In The Market!
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The fact that lots of people are switching from conventional tobacco cigarettes to the safer and cheaper e-cigarettes is not going unnoticed, especially in the recent past. While the e-cigarettes are more lucrative for the tremendous health benefits that they provide, few people realize the economic factor – e-cigarettes are a lot cheaper than conventional ones. As a matter of fact, they can help you save almost $2000 in just one year, that’s how economical they are. In the following lines, you will learn everything about the economics of an e-cigarette, right from the cost of starter kits and the long term expenses involved.
The Cost of Smoking E Cigarettes
The prices of tobacco have been hit hard in recent times, and that has resulted in conventional cigarettes’ prices going up too. If you have been smoking for a considerable time now, you will surely have noticed the difference. But is the difference big enough to compel you to make the switch to an e-cigarette? Read through this article and decide for yourself. Not only can you enjoy the same feel, sensation and flavor of a conventional cigarette electronic cigarette through an e-cigarette, but you also pay a lot less than what you normally would. The only considerable expense involved is in purchasing a starter kit, but this is a single time investment that will pave the way for years of uninterrupted and very economic smoking.

E-Cigarette Starter Kit Cost
The cost of the starter kit of an e-cigarette varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but on a general scale, they are not very expensive. Of course, there are some high end ones that are very expensive and there are some low scale ones that are very cheap, you need to select a mid-range one, i.e. one that is not too cheap to be of low quality, and not too expensive to be hard on your pockets as well. For illustration, read more the cost of the Envy Ego-Tank starter kit, which is one of the more popular mid-range starter kits right now, is about $38. Consider this price that will last you for a few good months, and compare it with the conventional cigarettes’ cost. You will notice the difference for yourself.
The best thing about purchasing a starter kit is that it comes pre-loaded with all the necessary parts, accessories and components that you need to begin your e-cigarette journey. To be specific, the starter kit includes 2 batteries, 2 tank atomizers and 10 pre-filled liquid tanks, all at a price that is almost half of what it would cost you if you smoked an equivalent amount of tobacco cigarettes.
E-Cigarette Long Term Cost
Now that you are clear about the costs of purchasing a starter kit, let us move on to the long term costs involved with e-cigarettes. Instead of floating around with a lot of technical jargon, let us go straight to the point and illustrate the savings you will get with a simple illustration. Just consider the following scenario:
Imagine you consume around 2 30 ml bottles of e-liquid per month, and buy them from a reputed supplier like Halo; you will need to spend about $43, which includes shipping and handling. Now along with the liquid, you will, of course, need a new atomizer and tanks, which, when combined with shipping expenses, come to around v2 cigs coupon 2013 $20 a month. So we get a grand total of around $63 per month that you need to spend on an e-cigarette.
When it comes to conventional cigarettes, imagine you smoke a full pack of regular tobacco cigarettes in one day. That means 30 packs per month, which comes to around $180. You can see right there that your costs are triple when it comes to tobacco cigarettes than what they are with e-cigarettes. If we calculate the cost for an entire year, the tobacco ones total up to $2160, while the electronic ones total up to $510. That means you save almost $1644 per year with electronic cigarettes. Isn’t this a good enough reason?
E-Cigarette Cost in States with High Cigarette Taxes
This is fine if you live in a state where the taxes on cigarettes are at normal rates, but what if you are in a state that has higher taxes on tobacco and cigarettes? Obviously, your costs are only going to escalate. In such a case, an e-cigarette will save you even more money. Just a small example – while tobacco cigarettes cost around $6 generally, in the state of New York, because of the additional tax, they cost around $10. The difference is visible right here.
If you total the costs of a New York smoker for a year, you will discover that it totals up to $3650, while the e-cigarette remains at a constant $516. This means there is a total saving of $3134 in just one year! This is a lot of money, and now that you know how much you can save, we leave it to you to make a wise choice.
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