Tabacco Extraction Juice Vs Fake Tobacco Flavoring Question

First, I totally don’t intend to start a war or debate. But in all my recent reading of tobacco extraction I have caught wisps here and there of bits of info regarding what might be drawn into the extraction process aside from flavor.
To make what I’m getting at plain, do carcinogens and junky additives we are trying to escape get carried over into the extraction? I’m going to make some extractions anyway, but I want all the info as I might vape it less often if I know for sure there are negatives to it, however minimal buy an electronic cigarette especially compared to smoking it. It’s just good to know.

The reason I want to try some extractions is I am not happy with the fake tobacco flavors I have tried. And from what I can tell most of those have ingredients that are also generally thought of as better to avoid if possible, like alcohol and other stuff I can’t remember offhand.
I realize the cleanest juice is plain old PG / VG (which I actually enjoy), and I’m not a health nut or trying to be a purist. I’m just wondering if anyone has any idea or guess as to how MUCH of the negatives get carried over in extractions.
If there is [read] already a thread on this I apologize. I couldn’t find one but maybe I didn’t look hard enough.
See original discussion:


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