New E-Cigarette Store Takes the Smoke Out of Smoking

In a community and state where smokers are often treated like criminals, Horne has a new electronic alternative the e-cigarette. Capitolas first store of its kind, e-Smokey Treats, tempts customers with all the benefits of smoking: nicotine, a social bond, and the activity of smoking itself, without any of the drawbacks: tar, chemicals, smelly breath and clothing, second-hand smoke and a hole in your wallet. Its basically smoking, without smoking, Horne said, taking a drag from pen-like instrument as he sat in a neighboring cafe. E-Cigarettes first emerged on the market in 2004 in China and have since grown from a novelty item into a popular alternative to smoking. Slightly to significantly larger than a regular cigarette in size (depending on the model), e-cigarettes use a battery to vaporize a liquefied nicotine solution, also called e-liquid or e-juice. Users hold down a button and inhale, exhaling an odorless and smokeless vapor, supposedly ridding the ritual of tar and other cancer-causing agents.
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Citing danger, PMA urges e-cigarettes ban

In fact, this guide also suggests smoking enthusiasts, which e cig starter kits need to be chosen and which ones need to be ignored, via the mechanism of reviews as well as up to date news snippets. With so many new vapor cigarette brands entering the smokeless cigarette industry, the art of selecting the most appropriate e cig brand has turned into a daunting task, wherein making mistakes is as easy as slipping on a banana peel. The best e cigs buying guide for 2013 by helps stops smokers from making a mistake by allowing them to read reviews of the top e cig brands. The review staff here has also rated the top 10 smokeless cigarette brands for the year 2013 , so as to ease the selection procedure of new as well as veteran smokers. By going through the review pages as well as the news snippets at tech-cigarette, smoking enthusiasts would be able to choose their best e cig starter kit easily. To buy the best e cig starter kit after reading the buying guide, please visit, About is an e cigarette review website that has been striving to provide up to date reviews on all the top smokeless cigarette brands that are available internationally.
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Electronic Cigarette Buying Guide Revealed by

Southeast Asia Newsroom Pinoy creativity is slowly gaining ground, and has in fact pushed the Philippines up a global ranking of countries. Rice prices to increase only in key urban areas Agri Dept. official GMANews Prices of milled rice are bound to increase during the lean seasonJuly to Augustand likely to be felt by consumers only in urban areas, an official of the Department of Agriculture said Monday. More Manila, Philippines — The Philippine Medical Association (PMA) yesterday asked President Benigno S. Aquino III to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes in the Philippines amid the recent warning issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the so-called nicotine replacement therapy given by e-cigs has been proven unsafe for humans.
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