E-cigarette techology smoking hot while cities struggle with regulations

Mark Keenan: Will EU ruling take the puff out of e-cigarette revolution?

Duarte has just passed an urgency ordinance to adopt a moratorium on smoke shops that sell vapor, or e-cigarettes, tobacco and smoking paraphernalia. In the past 18 months the number of smoke shops in the city has doubled to six and inquiries have been pouring in the past few months for shops that specialize in vapor cigarettes, city officials said. “Our main concern if this were a trend that were to continue, we want to make sure it’s properly regulated,” said Craig Hensley, Duarte’s community development director.
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They don’t purport to “cure” or “treat” anything. But they have proven hugely effective in getting hopelessly addicted smokers off the dreaded weed. Against the smoker’s 50pc odds of an early grave, an e-cig looks good as a first step-off. If you doubt the difficulty some have in quitting, consider the amputees whose habit has literally cost them an arm or a leg but continue to puff away after losing limbs to smoking-induced arterial disease. Today a pack-a-day smoking habit costs 200 a month, patches cost 60 while running an e-cig costs about 20.
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Electronic Cigarette Vs Regular Cigarette- Tech-Cigarette Reveals it All

Tech-Cigarette ( EMAILWIRE.COM , July 09, 2013 ) Dallas, Texas — Electronic cigarette vs regular cigarette has always been the main issue of contention amidst serious smoking enthusiasts who would be keen to ensure that they lay their hands onto the best smoking devices that are ideally best suited for the year 2013. It needs to be noticed that while opting for an electronic cigarette, smoking enthusiasts need to realize that this is a smoking device that is devoid of tobacco, ash, tar as well as the highly offensive second hand smoke that is always present in a traditional cigarette, which is apparently the main reason why this device is being preferred in the current year. As per tech-cigarette spokesperson, While comparing an e cigarette with a regular cigarette , it needs to be kept in mind that both these devices are poles apart with regards to their overall functionality. While an e cig makes use of a battery that is rechargeable in nature to perform its functions, a regular cigarette makes use of a match that is used to ignite the chemicals to produce nicotine filled smoke. An electric cigarette does contain nicotine but it is completely free from almost all the harsh chemicals compounds (numbering over 4000) that are always present in tobacco cigarettes. When tech-cigarette.com review team interviewed Ramos Amosin, an independent research analyst for smokeless cigarettes, he said, I am personally pleased to suggest that in the year 2013, electric cigarettes would prove to be the most efficient means of satisfying the nicotine urge in smokers.
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